Navigating the Linguistic Divide

Challenges Faced by Pakistani Students in American and British English


  • Faiza Saeed BS Scholar, National University of Modern Languages, Faisalabad
  • Dr. Aniqa Rashid Assistant Professor, National University of Modern Languages, Faisalabad
  • Amun Rasheed Lecturer, Government College, Kahuta



British English, American English, Challenges, Linguistic Divide, Navigating


This research delves into the intricate linguistic challenges encountered by Pakistani students navigating the dual influences of American and British English, examining pronunciation disparities, vocabulary variations, and teaching material inconsistencies. The study underscores the critical impact of distinct accents on spoken communication in academic and professional settings, emphasizing the need for precision. Participants express challenges coping with vocabulary differences, advocating for focused language education programs. The absence of an official language policy in academic settings highlights the necessity for comprehensive reforms in national education policies. Inconsistencies in teaching materials underscore the need for teacher training programs, addressing pronunciation preferences and cultural nuances. The research recommends flexible language education programs, collaboration with foreign language schools, and standardized examinations covering both English versions. The study contributes valuable insights to linguistics, fostering a more inclusive educational environment and enhancing communicative competence in both American and British English contexts. Addressing identified research gaps, future studies could explore educators' perspectives, delve into sociolinguistic aspects, and assess technology's role in mitigating linguistic challenges, ultimately informing evidence-based policies and interventions for language education in Pakistan.


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Faiza Saeed, Dr. Aniqa Rashid, & Amun Rasheed. (2024). Navigating the Linguistic Divide: Challenges Faced by Pakistani Students in American and British English. Inception - Journal of Languages and Literature, 3(2), 116–128.