Everyday Life Information Seeking

A Quantitative Study of Urban Teens in Pakistan


  • Dr. Saima Hanif Assistant Professor, Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology, Peshawar
  • Dr. Nosheen Fatima Warraich Professor, University of the Punjab, Lahore




Pakistan, Urban Teens, ELIS, Everyday information practices, Everyday life information seeking


The purpose of this paper is to elaborate the everyday information seeking practices of urban teens and the benefits they get from these practices; moreover, demographic details of participants are also elaborated. In Pakistan many studies have been carried out on information need and seeking behavior of diverse groups, but not a single study has been done so far on everyday information seeking of Pakistani urban teens. This research is a humble endeavor to understand their daily practices that may lead to design systems for fulfilling their everyday information needs. For this purpose, a quantitative study was conducted employing a sample of 1000 urban teen participants who responded to the survey. Cluster sampling was done and the Likert scale was used to assess the written questionnaires, which were analyzed on the statistical software SPSS-21. These teens were from public and private schools of Pakistan. This data was collected by using Google forms. The results indicated that an easy access to teen’s preferred sources would play important role in their lives. It would be helpful for academicians to understand the teens’ ELIS behavior and reasons of their preferred information sources. This study will also be helpful for policy


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