Prosodic Contradictions in Mira Jee's Poems


  • Dr. Muhammad Arif Head of Urdu Department, Muslim Youth University, Islamabad



Meera Jee, Poems, Urdu, Traditional Structures, Punjabi Patterns


Meera Jee while doing his creative experiments in the traditional structures of poem, tried to give a new face to the Urdu poem. While using metres (Bahur)he followed Hindi and Punjabi patterns. His poetic temperament is similar to Behr-e-Mutaqarib. He used Maqtu syllables of Mutadarik along with Mutaqarib in an innovative style. He used the metres with a special technique. His all poems are in these metres and their dissection is possible along with different and diverse Zahafaat( A term of Ilm-e-Uruz). He combined the Behr-e-Mutaqarib Aslum, Ashram, and Maqbooz Aslum. At times, he used the Syllable of Behr-e-Mutadarik i.e. Fa-e-lun.  Because of these techniques, all of his controversial poems can be factorized. His innovative sense of taste liked the experiments. As he was, actually in search of a new poetic rhythm that is why he broke down the Prosodic restrictions. Meera Jee tried to slow down the pace of this metre. He courageously tried to join the Zahafaat of the closest meters in order to create a new meter. These two meters are closest to each other because Abul Hasan Akhfush created Behr-e-Mutaqarib out of Behr-e-Mutadarik. Because of the usage of Zahafaati faces of the meter, he seems to breathe freely in the poems and seems to be experiencing towards more freedom by creating long lines of poems. The existence of musicality in his inner being and his understanding of the syllables of meters made him use the syllable of Fa-e-lun along with Fe-lun. In his poems, Meera Jee using freely the Zahafaat of two meters i.e. Behr-e-Mutaqarib created out of Behr-e-Mutadarik, and by remaining close to the prevailing structure of Prosody tried to experiment with new system of Prosody by using Zahafaat under his self-created rules, thus paving the way for a new meter for his poems.




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